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A great group of friends brought closer together for there love of mini trucks, euros, and low ridders.

Massachusetts Motor Transportation Association

Professional trucking organization.

Michigan Minis

Michigan's home to mini trucking. We welcome all surounding states, and even full size guys too. We are Michigan's Mini Truck Community.

Michigan Trucking Association (MTA)

Formed to advance and promote the interests of the state's truck operators, drivers, and companies.

Minnesota Trucking Association

Investing in solutions to today's trucking challenges.

mmta online - Maryland Motor Truck Association

A non-profit, member-driven trade organization that has been serving Maryland's commercial trucking industry since 1935.

Money Pit Mini's

Central Jersey based truck club, which is always open to new chapters.

National Private Truck Council

A national trade association dedicated exclusively to representing private motor carrier fleets.

Old IHC Trucks Special Interest Group

A diverse group of individuals united by our interest in old International Harvester trucks. This site provides access to information about us, our mailing list, and most importantly, a wealth of useful technical data about old IHC trucks!

Ontario Trucking Association On-Line Canada

Provides services and public policy advocacy for trucking companies hauling freight into, out of and within the Province of Ontario and the continent.

Ram Riders Association

Our goal is to give Dodge Truck owners the opportunity to share knowledge of and experiences with their vehicles. We are a family Association, and we will always keep it that way. We accept members with any brand of Dodge Truck. We are a Delaware based association. Stile

scottish trucker club

a non profit making club providing fun days and dance nights and week-ends at campsites for truckers and there families


A non profit four wheel drive club. It was established for the purpose of enjoying the great outdoors, while utilizing recreational trucks in an evironmentally safe and responsible fashion.

Team Synergy, San Diego

San Diego based car and truck club, no politics, just kids havin fun and struggling to get show ready.

Totally Unique Four by Fours (T.U.F.F.)

A small, central Ohio truck club dedicated to assisting in the fight against cancer by helping to raise money for the American Cancer Society and Roundtown Relayers Relay For Life. We are also dedicated to just having fun and showing off our trucks!

Trailbusters 4x4 Club

Four-wheeling with plenty of outdoor adventure, fun, and recreation for the entire family.

Triple S (Superior Street Styles) Canada

Mini and full-size trucks, VW, vans, etc.

Trolls 4x4 Club

4x4 club in Northern Michigan.


The creators of Sportruck.com introduce the perfect service for Truck and Car clubs: hassle-free, inexpensive, and full-featured web hosting services.

TruckWorld Online

Truck clubs, 4x4 clubs, off-road clubs, truck associations and motorsports associations.

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