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Jeep Clubs & Associations

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All Fours Jeep Club

Formed to show people what their vehicles are capable of. Most would probably never venture off-road by themselves, even though nearly all would love to, given the opportunity. That's the idea behind the club, to create those opportunities.


This sits is in German.

American Jeepster Club, The

Was formed over eight years ago to help other Jeepster owners "network", and find and sell parts.

Arizona Virtual Jeep Club

The Arizona Virtual Jeep Club came about through member postings on the rec.autos.makers.jeep+willys newsgroup.

Arizona XJ

If you live in Arizona and own a XJ join and share the wealth of knowledge and fun.

Blue Mountain Jeep Alliance

An organization based in south-eastern Pennsylvania for the trail riding Jeep enthusiasts.

Border City Jeep Club Canada

A family off-road club located in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

Calgary Jeep Association Canada

An association for all types of Jeeps in Calgary.


Dedicated to promoting the sport of off-roading in Jeep vehicles and smart trail use.

ECO FourWheeling Society Canada

A Jeep only club that consists of approximately 30 Jeepers and their significant others.

Erie Shores Jeeps & 4x4s

A family oriented club that enjoys trail rides and other events.

Great Lakes Jeep Thing

An environmentally-conscious Jeep club that strives to project a responsible and safe land use image on behalf of all Jeepers living in the Great Lakes region of the Midwest.

Heritage Region Jeep Alliance

Educate and promote the historical facts relating to the invention of the Jeep in Butler, Pennsylvania; promote interest and pride in the ownership of Jeeps; etc.

International Full Size Jeep Association

An organization of owners and enthusiasts of SJ series Full Size Jeeps.

Jeep Barracks, The

A fully customizable, interactive virtual Jeep club where members can change the look of the site, post comments to articles, submit your own articles to be displayed, participate in numerous forums, and much more. This site is fully devoted to Jeep XJ lovers across the globe, and can serve as the starting point for Jeep XJ stuff on the Net.

Jeep Club des Flanders

This site is in French.

Jeep Clube Rio de Janeiro

A not-for-profit organization whose main objective is to contribute for a increased popularity of the off-road sports.

Jeep Jamboree USA

The legendary original gathering of Jeep owners of all types and skill sets, from beginner to pro.

Jeepers Jeep Club

The Jeepers Jeep Club site contains links to every Jeep page the members could find. Provides in a easy to use format information on clubs, webrings, parts, anything that has to do with Jeeps you can find it here!

Jeep-L The Web Site of the Internet Jeep Un-Club

Featuring all styles of Jeep 4x4 off-road vehicles from 1941 to modern day.

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