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June 11, 2003

The variety of information and services trucks.com provides is truly staggering. Anything you could possible need or want, and I mean anything, can be found on this website. Commercial vehicles? No problem: there are garbage trucks, rental trucks, roll off trucks, parts and engines, and more. Consumer vehicles? An abundance: pickups, vans, cars, SUVs, parts, etc. Beyond that, there are car and truck reviews, classifieds, buying service, parts locator, and many more great features that make trucks.com the site for, well, trucks.

"Trucks & Parts is America's largest online and retail dealer of used, reconditioned and new garbage trucks and roll-off trucks. In addition, the company is a major supplier of used and rebuilt heavy-duty truck parts, such as transmissions and diesel engines.

The company's continued success is attributed to the experience and expertise of their employees and to the large inventory of available products. Trucks & Parts celebrated their 51st anniversary in February, 2001 and currently has over forty (40) acres of refuse trucks and heavy-duty truck parts on display for our customers, both domestic and export."

Don't wait! If you're looking for any kind of truck or part or anything truck-related, check trucks.com out!

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