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Jeeps Only!
August 20, 2003

Yahoo!'s great. It really is. I use it all the time. But, who said that great things couldn't be improved upon? Let's take Yahoo!'s automotive section. Many categories - wonderful. Tons of sub-categories. Cool. Sub-sub-categories, sub-sections shared by many other sections, etc. Not so hot if you consider the sheer size of the directory and variety of topics. I don't know about you, but I get confused sometimes. Especially if I want info on a specific topic. Let's say Jeeps. If you're looking for some Jeep info too, why don't you try what I tried - Jeeps Only!.

Jeeps Only! offers "Jeep CJ, Wrangler YJ, Wrangler TJ and Jeep Cherokee XJ, Grand Cherokee ZJ, Willys, Fullsize Jeeps and the new Jeep KJ (Liberty) series Jeeps sites organized neatly. A Yahoo style directory that organizes 4x4 trail listings, Jeep lift kit install tips, reviews on locking differentials, trails fixes, Jeep Wrangler coil conversions, 4.0 engine modifications, off-road driving tips, spring over conversion how-to's and much more."

I say again, Yahoo!'s great. It would be even greater if it offered separate directories for every topic. Until that happens, let's be thankful for Jeeps Only!. At least those of us who are interested. And I know for a fact there's no lack of Jeep owners and enthusiasts out there.

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