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CarAudioForum.com - The WWW Car Audio Form
November 17, 2003

What's a car without a great stereo system? Sure, it gets you where you're going, but where's the fun? Nothing compares to taking a road trip with your buddies, loud tunes blasting from the speakers, all of you singing along over the music, even though some of you probably shouldn't be allowed to sing outside of own shower. Agree with me? Of course. Want to discuss car audio further? Sure you do, so visit CarAudioForum.Com.

CarAudioForum.Com"is the Internet's oldest and most established web based forum devoted to car audio. This site was created to offer an alternative to the flame engulfed, spam saturated discussion of rec.audio.car and is determined to maintain a friendly, flame free, spam free discourse about car audio.

CarAudioForum.Com Features:
Car Audio Forum: Our main feature; this popular online discussion forum dedicated to car audio has over 30,000 messages online, with over 30,000 requests per day. Friendly, flame-free and helpful.
The Review Board: are surveys / reviews taken from and submitted by the very users of car audio equipment -- you. This is not a advertising based listing of opinions, but results from the people that actually use the equipment. Become part of this fantastic resource, participate in The Review Board."

There are more wonderful features at CarAudioForum.com that you shouldn't miss. Check it out!

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