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JJournal The Best Jeep Owners Resource
January 13, 2004

If you're a Jeep freak (or enthusiast, to use the polite term), raise your hand! All right, so I can't see you all, but I'm sure there would be lots of hands going up if I could. Jeep is one of the most popular makes ever. And like all things popular, it found its way to the Internet. There are the official company websites, the personal pages, etc., and then there's JJournal.

JJournal is the place for all things Jeep. You want to buy one - you got shopping, classifieds, dealers, etc. You need parts - there are new products, accessories, hard parts, search directory, and more sections just waiting for you. You crave information - go to news, calendar, reference and technical library, travel maps, or books and videos to satisfy your hunger for Jeep?knowledge. You desire to share your obsession with others like you - just log in to chat rooms or posting boards! JJournal offers you all this and many more Jeep?resources.

Now, doesn't this site sound tempting? Don't you just want to go there right now? Well, what's stopping you? With one simple click of the mouse, you'll discover a whole world of Jeep?inside JJournal, and you might never want to leave!

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